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Not Another Object Show is not owned by me. I simply made it into a wiki page, because one of my close internet friends, by the name of Abbie, owns Not Another Object Show, aka NAOS. NAOS, like it’s name, is an Object Show. However, NAOS is very unique and is actually not animated, and is written on a website, by the name of Wattpad. If you want to check out NAOS, go to the profile @NotAnotherObjectShow. The hosts are Bow Tie and Banana Peel. The show's contestants are EyePhone 5, Mask, Notebook, Halo, Pentagram, Star, Rose, Tiara, Lipstick, Pie, Bow, Chilli, Grater, and Hammer. The names of the teams in Season 1 are Team Tool, the team leader being Hammer, and Lucky Charms, the team leader being Halo. Not Another Object Show is not fully developed, and the first chaptersode/epihapter hasn’t been uploaded yet, so go check out NAOS, and wish Abbie the best of luck!

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